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For sale

Brand new EP from Buzz Driver out now! Low-Fi punk/surf with a weird twist from Brasil. This is their first record out. Record is limited to 300 handnumbered copies.

The records cost 5.5 British pounds each. If you wanna pay with a card(So far that's for Norway only) or got any questions mail me at info(at)mooseloverecords.com, or you can send me a message at the label's facebook page.

Please get in touch with me regarding shipping costs if you got any questions. It's 5 pounds to the UK, 10$ to USA, 7 euros to most of Europe and 40 kr to Norway.

You can hear one of the songs from their new EP here along with their self-made video for a little surf's up.


If you happen to play in a band and wants to make a psychedelic/punk/rhythm & blues/surf record record write me at info@mooseloverecords.com and we'll see what we can do about it. Psychedelic garage bands(or "Acid Punk" as it was termed by Greg Shaw) are especially encouraged to get in touch.